We Need Your Help!

There are tons of volunteer opportunities throughout the year covering a range of needs. We welcome all talents, passions, and experience – whether you have 30 minutes, 3 hours, or more time to commit, we’d love to have you involved. The more volunteers available to help, the less overall time each individual needs to commit to pull of all of our PTGO initiatives in grand form! 

Check out some of our upcoming volunteer opportunities below. If you’re interested, click the sign-me-up link to fill out a short contact form that lets us know you’re interested and available to help. If you’d like to volunteer for multiple projects, that’s awesome – you can submit one form with multiple projects selected and we’ll be in touch with specific ways you can help! 

The PTGO cannot exist without parent volunteers – we truly appreciate any and all help! 


Our annual River Park Read-a-thon is our BIGGEST fundraising event of the year and requires significant manpower to pull off. Volunteer opportunities include (but are not limited to!): Organizing prize packages, Assembling information packets, Counting donations, Creating Introduction Video, Reaching out to local businesses for donations/involvement, Facilitating events at the school, Designing and building cardboard collection boxes, etc. - this event is all-hands-on-deck...if you have any time or talent to give, please click the "Sign Me Up" button.

Stock the Fridge

A hungry teacher is not a happy teacher. Let's ensure our teachers and staff have a snack on-hand at all times! Our Stock-the-Fridge project is a low effort way to make a high impact. We launch this project once in the fall and again in the sprint. To facilitate food donations, we create a parent sign up for snack and drink donations and then use volunteers to collect food items dropped off during car line. If you'd like to volunteer your time to collect food items OR if you'd like to take a leadership role in facilitating this please click the "Sign Me Up" button!

Dry Creek Bed Grant

Ms. McCurdy has worked very hard to secure a grant to create a dry creek bed on school property to prevent erosion and reduce water run-off onto the track area. We are planning a work day on November 5th to provide manual labor to help facilitate this project. If you (and your family!) are able to participate in this event OR if you'd like to take this event to the next level but organizing snacks, signage, decorations, etc please click the "Sign Me Up" button!

Spirit Nights

The PTGO organizes monthly "Spirit Nights" when we encourage parents, teachers, and the community to dine at a local restaurant that has agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds to us. This is an excellent fundraising opportunity and a great way to build community! The specific needs for this initiative is having volunteers to reach out to local restaurants to gain interest so we can line up a collection of restaurants willing to support us throughout this year. It would be great if we had a volunteer or group of volunteers willing to take the lead on this project - if this is something you'd like to do please click the sign me up button!

Grant Research & Writing

There are dozens (possibly hundreds) of grants available for schools like River Park. Often times, grant research and writing falls to teachers who have a specific project or interest in mind (like Ms. McCrudy's creek bed project) but we can help! From security upgrades to school supplies, field trips and more - there are resources available and we can help find them and acquire them! If you have experience in grant research or writing, this is the job for you! If there's a specific interest you'd like to look into OR if you'd like to head a committee with more organization and direction in this area, we'd love to have you! Please click the "Sign Me Up" button!

Spring Family Fun Night

It's never too early to start planning this immensely popular event as it takes a lot of volunteer hours to pull off. From game planning, to volunteer recruitment, food planning, staff involvement, and more this is the our spring equivalent to read-a-thon in terms of help needed so all-hands-on-deck! Ideally, it would be great if we could get a small group of committed volunteers to take the lead on getting the early planning started for Spring Family Fun Night. If this is something you'd like to do please click the "Sign Me Up" button!