Please Join & Vote! (So no one has to "join" again!)

Our PTGO Bylaws are in need of some maintenance to bring them up to date with current times and allow for inclusivity of all parents. While there have been many suggestions and attempts to amend the bylaws over the past several years no “official” vote has been conducted. 

At the November 16, 2023 General PTGO Meeting we will hold an official membership vote to make several changes to the bylaws. The full set of changes can be seen here: 2023 PTGO Bylaws Updates (Full Documentation)    However, see below for a summary of primary updates:

  • Change references to Cameron Park Elementary to River Park Elementary
  • Drop membership requirement
  • Open PTGO meetings to everyone
  • Replace “Parliamentarian” board position with an optional additional “Member at Large” position
  • Require budget updates at every General meeting and Executive Board responsible and accountable for budgetary decisions. 

One of the changes we feel is important is waiving membership fees which are currently required in the bylaws. As such, we have not charged any fees this year. Membership fees over the last several years have been optional. However, in order to make ANY changes to the bylaws we must have a formal vote from paying members.

Please consider joining the PTGO “formally” by filling out the form below and submitting the required $5 membership fee via PayPal. 

After joining, please attend our November 16th meeting to vote for the suggested changes to the bylaws so we can operate as a modern, inclusive organizations which has and will always operate in the good faith efforts for the benefit of our students and staff at River Park!